The following companies are confirmed to attend this year's Career Fair:
  • Apparent Networks
  • Big Fish Games
  • Big Park Games
  • Electronic Arts
  • Fortinet
  • Fortis BC
  • Honeywell
  • Informatica
  • Kodak
  • MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
  • Metalogix
  • Microsoft
  • Next Level Games
  • Orbital Technologies
  • PMC-Sierra
  • Radisys
  • Redback
  • Safe Software
  • Sophos
  • United Front Games
  • Zeugma Systems

Apparent Networks
Apparent Networks is the developer of AppCritical [formerly known as AppareNet], a software application that provides a radically different and superior basis for assessing, measuring and diagnosing converged networks to facilitate the optimal performance and management of data, VoIP and video applications.
Utilizing a patent-protected expert technology for network behavior, Apparent Networks' AppCritical software provides network diagnostic, assessment, measurement and monitoring functionality that has proven vastly superior to that provided by the traditional network management products.

Big Fish Games

Big Park Games

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment—the leader in one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Electronic Arts Canada is the world's largest development studio for interactive entertainment. We develop and produce video games for a variety of game consoles, as well as the PC. EA has three studios across Canada: Burnaby, Downtown Vancouver, and Montreal. EAC provides a uniquely stimulating work culture and an environment that is geared toward creative expression.



Fortis BC


Informatica Corporation delivers data integration software and services to solve the problem of data fragmentation across disparate systems, helping organizations gain greater business value from all their information assets. Informatica's open, platform-neutral software reduces costs, speeds time to results, and scales to handle data integration projects of any size or complexity. With a proven track record of success, Informatica helps companies and government organizations of all sizes realize the full business potential of their enterprise data. That's why Informatica is known as the data integration company.
The San Francisco Bay Area is a unique and breathtaking metropolis. From the famous icons of the Golden Gate Bridge and Santa Cruz Beaches to the exquisite art galleries at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Bay Area takes pride in its unrivaled attractions, renowned museums, and its unique neighborhoods which are treasures of its own.  You will discover the variety of sites, shops, and restaurants that reflect the Bay's great ethnic and cultural diversity.
You can submit your résumés to Ellen Etemadfar: [email protected].

Kodak's Graphic Communications Group is one of the four strategic business units of Eastman Kodak Company, the world leader in imaging technology and colour science. Kodak.s solutions, such as enterprise management system for print producers, colour management software, high-precision thermal imaging devices, and professional inkjet printing systems are all developed and manufactured right in our facilities in Burnaby and Delta, BC. We need talented individuals in the fields of mechanical, software, and electrical engineering to join our multi-disciplinary teams.

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
MDA provides advanced information solutions that are essential for decision making. Our business is focused on information solutions for market sectors which offer strong repeat business potential, the Financial Services sector and the Surveillance and Intelligence sector. In addition, the Company conducts a broad range of customer funded Advanced Technology development aimed at further extending human capability.


Imagine having the resources to create tomorrow's technology today, using your skills to create products and solutions that will touch the lives of millions of people, and having fun while you do it. That's Microsoft. People here love their work because they get to think big and dream big. We're looking for the next generation of Microsoft innovators. If you have talent and a passion for technology, this could be your big moment.
You can submit your résumés to [email protected]

Next Level Games
Next Level Games is different than the rest. Voted the "Best Company to Work for in BC" for the past two years, we've made our mark on the gaming industry by creating a company where people can make the games they love and still have the life they want. We're a third-party developer best known for our long standing relationship with Nintendo of Japan.
As the only North America developer entrusted with the Mario IP, we've created two top selling sports titles, Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged and in February 2009, we'll release our third Nintendo title, which is sure to be a "knock out" with players. Next Level Games has also worked on one of the top licensed franchises in the world, the multi-platform Spider-man: Friend or Foe for Activision. With several projects underway, we're growing in 2009. It's your chance to join a company that is leading change in the industry and making the games that people want to play. Visit our website at to submit your résumé.

Orbital Technologies
Orbital Technologies and its sister-company Simba Technologies are leaders in software development services and data connectivity technology. We write world-class software for top software companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and Business Objects. Writing commercial-grade software means staying on top of the latest technology. We provide our people with the latest, greatest and fastest development tools available. Working with us means you'll never be bored—you'll always be working on something new. Are you a talented software developer? We're hiring! Visit our booth, check out our websites at /, and send your cover letter and résumé to [email protected] today!

PMC-Sierra is a leading provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access, fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers, and fiber access gateway equipment. PMC-Sierra offers worldwide technical and sales support, including a network of offices throughout North America, Europe, Israel and Asia. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the PMCS symbol.


Redback Networks Inc., designs, develops, and markets networking solutions for IP based services and communications. Redback's hardware, software, and services are designed to create solutions that address the operational and technical challenges of building a next generation network that delivers consumer and business services. Redback's solutions enable carriers and service providers to rapidly and efficiently deploy broadband internet access, IP video, and online gaming with the SmartEdge® product portfolio. Redback Networks was founded in 1996 and was acquired by Ericsson in January 2007.
Redback serves over 500 service provider customers in the world, including 15 of the top 20 broadband service providers. Key customers include incumbent carriers such as BellSouth, AT&T, Verizon, British Telecom, France Telecom, KPN, Belgacom, Turk Telekom, TeliaSonera, Bezeq, Korea Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, China Telecom and China Netcom. Additionally many CLECs, IXCs, and ISPs belong to Redback's global customer base including Sprint, Arcor, Covad, eAccess, Hanaro Telecom, Golden Belt Telephone Association, MegaPath, Neuf Telecom, Scarlet Telecom, Tele2 and True Corporation.

Safe Software
Spatial data is everywhere: web mapping servers, navigation systems, personal GPS, and even next generation cellular phones. Safe Software produces powerful a FME platform that makes it easy for organizations to use and leverage spatial data in any format or application. This data plays a key role in new killer apps including Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth and MapPoint. Our FME platform has emerged as de facto standard for ETL and has been chosen by almost every GIS, CAD, ETL, and database vendors as their integrated spatial ETL solution.


United Front Games
United Front Games was formed in the summer of 2007. It was the second time around for many of the founders; nine years previously they were among the founders of Black Box Games. Black Box achieved legendary status in Vancouver for both its AAA game titles and its prized culture. In 2002, it was acquired by Electronic Arts.
Our vision will always remain true: we develop great games, but the process by which we create those games is what matters most. Over the years, our leadership has always provided a co-operative and inclusive atmosphere. This approach enables employees to balance project demands with commitments to family, friends and other priorities. We will continue to build on our enviable reputation as a capable, respected developer where people are competitively seeking to work for UFG because we appreciate and value each other.

Zeugma Systems
Zeugma Systems builds state of the art telecommunications systems for next generation converged high speed broadband networks. Our products enable telecommunications companies to deliver an expanding portfolio of premium services like High Definition IPTV and quality sensitive web 2.0 applications. Our innovative architecture allows Zeugma and our carrier customers the flexibility and scalability necessary to advance the rate of service evolution and deployment. We are an exciting start-up that is founded on our expanding world class team of industry experts in carrier networking, software design and hardware development.